orguliSimple markdown to html converter in a single file 4 weeks
forks/fbpdfPersonal fork of aligrudi's fbpdf. 4 weeks
forks/fbpad_mkfnPersonal fork of aligrudi's fbpad_mkfn. 8 weeks
forks/fbpadPersonal fork of aligrudi's fbpad. 8 weeks
forks/qemacsPersonal fork of Fabrice Bellard's and Charlie Gordon's QEmacs. 2 months
codesketchesCollection of my shaders, sketches and small animated programs 3 months
jinTiny framework for JavaScript dependency injection 3 months
navgenEvolutionary algorithm for learning navigation through a level 3 months
xploreAndroid application for planning and finding hikes 4 months
rendSoftware renderer written from complete scratch in C99 4 months
hasmAssembler for the hack virtual machine from nand2tetris 4 months
raycast-love2dA simple raycast renderer made in Love2D 4 months
xkblayout-stateX11 get/set current keyboard layout 5 months
hvmhvm - Hack virtual machine made for nand2tetris 7 months
deepQueue and execute actions in sequence (add Z axis to 2D graphics frameworks) 9 months
ludum-dare-41Game made during LD41 - combine 2 incompatible genres 9 months
hurl-gamejamGame where players grab and hurl things at each other 9 months
gravitran-gamejamPlatformer game where you switch the gravity of everything but yourself 9 months
seedburyAbandoned virtual farm game 9 months
skeletonOld skeleton fork (needs updating) designed to work with Kartvelian languages 9 months
madneWebsite that lets you ~melt~ images 9 months
joytestTesting software for joysticks/gamepads 9 months
shamenA 1v1 game about two shamans made in 72 hours during the "GameFest" GameJam Tbil...9 months
xplore-landingLanding page for Xplore in React 9 months
xplore-rnBarebones Xplore app in React Native 9 months
scrapiScrapper API for Slami 9 months
gdevi-indiepocalypseIndiepocalypse presentation files, must merge in central repo 9 months
slamiDynamic resource scrapper and video generator made with React and Node 9 months
uniProgramming projects for uni 9 months
rubsolvGenetic algorithm for solving Rubik's cubes 9 months
gasb-workshopRepository for the workshop I led at Georgian-American School of Batumi in 2019 9 months
smotdSimple message of the day 9 months
lestMinimal testing library for Lua 9 months