jinTiny framework for JavaScript dependency injection 7 days
hasmAssembler for the hack virtual machine from nand2tetris 6 months
orguliSimple markdown to html converter in a single file 8 months
forks/fbpdfPersonal fork of aligrudi's fbpdf. 8 months
forks/fbpad_mkfnPersonal fork of aligrudi's fbpad_mkfn. 9 months
forks/fbpadPersonal fork of aligrudi's fbpad. 9 months
forks/qemacsPersonal fork of Fabrice Bellard's and Charlie Gordon's QEmacs. 10 months
codesketchesCollection of my shaders, sketches and small animated programs 10 months
navgenEvolutionary algorithm for learning navigation through a level 11 months
xploreAndroid application for planning and finding hikes 11 months
rendSoftware renderer written from complete scratch in C99 12 months
raycast-love2dA simple raycast renderer made in Love2D 12 months
xkblayout-stateX11 get/set current keyboard layout 12 months
hvmhvm - Hack virtual machine made for nand2tetris 14 months
deepQueue and execute actions in sequence (add Z axis to 2D graphics frameworks) 16 months
ludum-dare-41Game made during LD41 - combine 2 incompatible genres 16 months
hurl-gamejamGame where players grab and hurl things at each other 16 months
gravitran-gamejamPlatformer game where you switch the gravity of everything but yourself 16 months
seedburyAbandoned virtual farm game 16 months
skeletonOld skeleton fork (needs updating) designed to work with Kartvelian languages 16 months
madneWebsite that lets you ~melt~ images 16 months
joytestTesting software for joysticks/gamepads 16 months
shamenA 1v1 game about two shamans made in 72 hours during the "GameFest" GameJam Tbil...16 months
xplore-landingLanding page for Xplore in React 16 months
xplore-rnBarebones Xplore app in React Native 16 months
scrapiScrapper API for Slami 16 months
gdevi-indiepocalypseIndiepocalypse presentation files, must merge in central repo 16 months
slamiDynamic resource scrapper and video generator made with React and Node 16 months
uniProgramming projects for uni 16 months
rubsolvGenetic algorithm for solving Rubik's cubes 16 months
gasb-workshopRepository for the workshop I led at Georgian-American School of Batumi in 2019 16 months
smotdSimple message of the day 16 months
lestMinimal testing library for Lua 16 months